Carmel Diagonal is a mediation of nature by technology. The camera faces directly out over the Pacific Ocean from Carmel Beach at sunset for a single shot that continues until the camera’s shot-length limit is reached. The horizon line is placed diagonally, from corner to corner, to acknowledge the frame over natural orientation. Although the changing colors of the sea and sky are depicted, the sunset itself happens out-of-frame to avoid being used as subject matter or narrative. People occasionally walk past. The exposure is correct at the beginning of the shot, but because the camera is in manual mode and the settings are not changed, the camera's ability to record light fails as the light in the world itself fades. Colors become increasingly unnatural, and visual noise becomes increasingly prominent. At one point the visual image completely fails, but the rhythmic sound of the crashing waves continues for several more minutes until the continuous recordable time limit is reached and the camera shuts down on its own. Carmel Diagonal has been used as a video installation and it has been screened for audiences. It has a running time of 30 min 18 sec.